Eat Clean!  ...You are

what you eat!

We eat the foods we raise and because of that, we are not part of the organic gardening fad. If you observe the natural process demonstrated by planet Earth every year you would realize that many of the gardening practices used in order to call a garden "organic" are not natural processes at all! 

The planet provides the necessary ingredients for plant life:


  •  AIR
  •  WATER
  •  SOIL...






Clean Logic! 

Organic gardeners rely on composted plant matter and/or manure as soil amendments in order to provide nitrogen. The only way to acquire either one of these is to make them.

Compost is the result of decomposing a multitude of random ingredients (it is a man made product with zero quality control) and is created under the guise of being similar to soil found in nature, but this is far from accurate. If you observe any natural environment you will see that all foliage from the previous season remains on the surface of the ground where it is pummeled repeatedly by natural elements (sunshine, rain, freezing temperatures, snow) all of which render the dead foliage inert.

Manure requires incarcerating animals (chickens, cows, fish, goats, horses, pigs... etc) in order to obtain it. No matter where the manure is acquired, it is the by-product of corralled animals that are either indentured servants or death-row inmates.

Volcanic Farms understands that certain industries need to dispose of accumulated animal waste, but manure is energy created under heightened stress. It is absolutely not fit to be used where the plant vegetation produces food supply.  



In nature, the air we breath is more than 75% Nitrogen and planet Earth relies on thunderstorms to rain nitrogen down onto plant life. The commercial grade nitrogen fertilizer we use is created by heating air with natural gas (the same clean energy source commonly used to power public transport vehicles, heat homes and cook foods on range tops). This method of nitrogen accumulation most closely mimics the natural process of storms, and it occurs in a controlled facility under strict guidelines controlling purity and access.

The commercial grade nitrogen fertilizer we use is shown in the photo on the right. The granules are quite tiny next to the pieces of potato (approx. 1.5 x 2 inch bits). As with all plants that sprout, the root systems drink in the ingredients that are in your soil. We only give our plants the finest nitrogen that has been extracted from natural air, because that is what we are willing to ingest when we eat the vegetation produced by our gardens.

In this day and age, what plants are given for nutrient supplementation needs to be genuinely clean as well as consistent in formulation. We will never pretend that either of those aims is achiever through "organically made" soil amendments. 




actually looks like!