Volcanic Farms also sells our own...​

Farm Fresh Eggs

For several years we have sold local farm fresh eggs at our produce stand in Horseshoe Bend. The demand has been so great that we couldn't keep up, so we finally began raising chicken in 2012.

Assorted Jams & Jellies

When our fruit trees become ripe each year we make all sorts of James Jellies & Preserves. In the coming weeks we hope to have an online store added where you can place orders for some of the items we make.

Pickled Asparagus

Every year we rent a large commercial kitchen to make our pickled asparagus. The process is very closely regulated by the Health Department and the U.S.D.A. a finished jar from every single batch made must be turned over for testing to ensure complete compliance with health and safety regulations. The work is our most labor intensive endeavor annually.

No matter how much pickled asparagus we are able to make it always sells out.


Hand Made Salsa

We cut up fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro in a large stainless steel bowl, add juice from fresh squeezed lime and salt. Then we add a hint of finely chopped jalapeno... This makes the MILD salsa. After several containers of mild are set aside, we add more chopped jalapeno into the bowl. This how it becomes MEDIUM salsa. Finally, after much of the salsa has been taken from the stainless steel bowl, we add a significant amount of jalapeno peppers to what is left in order to create our HOT salsa.

On rare occasions we are told by someone with staggering endurance that our hot salsa wasn't THAT HOT... So we try to keep a few serrano peppers on hand for those who like to eat pain.