Truly Volcanic...​

In 1964 Don & Donna Heffner officially began Volcanic Farms when they married and purchased 12 registered Jersey cows (Don already had a "pet" Jersey cow, Lily) The land they farmed - with the extinct volcano - belonged to Donna's parents who purchased it from her Dad's family. Thus, Donna is 3rd generation custodian of this remarkably majestic land.

Although it wasn't long until Don & Donna were milking more than 100 registered Jerseys, their summer hobby was gardening. They raised sweet corn, strawberries and a variety of melons that they sold in local grocery stores.


After years of feeling dissatisfied with produce managers not properly handling his ripe produce, Don started selling directly to the public out of the back of his pickup truck. 



<--  1986 in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho


Finally, in 1986 Don added a much wider variety of the vegetables from their gardens that needed protection by shade and ice so they wouldn't wilt. This inspired him to make his first roadside produce stand. Volcanic Farms officially opened their first produce stand along Highway 55 in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho more than 25 years ago!

(As a side note..  They sold the last of their Jersey cows by 1993)

Today in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho


During the development boom in the 1990's the property sold where Volcanic Farms had their produce stand. The developer had already noticed that Volcanic Farms had a huge following of customers and they knew it would be to their benefit to preserve those loyal relationships, so the developer worked out a deal that turned Volcanic Farms produce stand into a permanent building that includes a commercial kitchen.