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  • Can I have pies shipped?
    We are not available to ship pies. We can however, offer jam shipping in packs of 3.
  • Can I place a Cream Pie order?
    Due to the limited space available in our kitchen, we are unable to take orders on the cream pies at this time. We generally have them available Friday afternoons (excluding Thanksgiving week).
  • Is Volcanic Farms still owned by Don & Donna Heffner's family?
    Yes. Don has passed away, and Donna is in retirement. However their daughter and her children have carried on the family legacy that is Volcanic Farms.
  • Are you open on Thanksgiving?
    Yes. We are open 9am- 2pm Thanksgiving Day.
  • Are you open on Christmas DAY?
    No, but we are open Christmas Eve 9am - 2pm.
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