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Volcanic Farms QUALITY

Along with the legendary volcanic soil the Volcanic Farms property is located right next to the Payette River, which is known to be one of the cleanest (pollutant free) rivers on the planet. Because we irrigate directly from the river our plants and trees stay properly hydrated and go unaffected by drought.  The temperature of the river water allows us to extend out the growing season by irrigating at night to add warmth when occasional freezing temperatures strike each Fall. ​

Ideal soil and water conditions combined with clean air and expert gardening is our secret to consistently unmatchable quality.

Weekend Market
45 Acres of Gardening

In the 1990's everyone seemed to be destroying their orchards and subdividing their fields to make way for new housing developments. Not willing to relinquish any of their land, Don began planting trees (Cherries, Apricots, Peaches & Nectarines) along the steep upper portions of fields that otherwise required heavy equipment to farm.​

His plan assured local fruit for future generations and also eliminated the expense of owning and maintaining expensive machinery needed to tend the soil on the steeper slopes.

Our Greenhouse Effect

We jump-start springtime each year by planting under rows of tented plastic so that we can get locally grown produce to our customers as early as possible. In addition to having this gardening technique down to a science, we have also discovered that the used plastic from previous years is easier to work with and is weathered in such a way that it becomes more durable during stormy weather.

We stagger out many plantings of crops throughout each growing season so that our produce is consistent and delicious. We've developed quite a following over the years, both at our Horseshoe Bend produce stand and at the various locations we travel to weekly throughout Idaho and we are dedicate to our work because of customer loyalty!

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